The Joan | Amsterdam

We introduced a massive scale in the office landscape as an architectonic eye catcher. A responsible designed showpiece of the new way of working. Work plays an important place in our daily lives and changed the view on cities for centuries. As the home-made craft changed by the industrial revolution, the modern era was shaped […]

Hofplein 19 | Rotterdam

This revival of a post war icon marks the rejuvenation of the city centre of Rotterdam and celebrates the heroic modern era. The city is a time machine, and the changing architectural and planning views are sometimes so close together like layers of sediment that you can read it like a textbook about urban renewal. […]

1000Mahler | Amsterdam

This modest timeless building in Jura stone introduced a boutique office with sensational balconies. Here home and work come together in a great place. This office has the appearance of a residential building because of its terraced structure. And because its structure, it conducts flexibility for future use. We connected numerous balconies to the office […]