De Baak | Amsterdam

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Syp & Steyn | Utrecht

The SYP & Steyn are meant to heal scars of a 60’s modernist plan in the heart of Utrecht. Uniting large and small scale as well as historic and modern buildings around a compelling green courtyard. The city is a time machine, changing planning views are like layers of sediment that one can read like […]

Lumen | Scheveningen

Like a ship in a sea of beach grass, this luxurious housing project depicts the impression of an historic seaside hotel with modern natural materials, weathered, rough and beautifully imperfect. The design of Lumen originates in the beach feeling of the historic beach hotels. The design deploys on a sense of community by common functions […]

Downtown | Rotterdam

Historic Rotterdam meets its modern era in a daring cantilevering housing tower with ample outdoor spaces and green roofs on a sturdy inviting urban plinth. The city is a time machine, and the changing architectural and planning views are sometimes so close together like layers of sediment that you can read it like a textbook […]

BOLD | Amsterdam

Bold is massive. Bold is black. A tower, entirely clad, from top to toe, in solar panels oozing climate ambitions combined with residential luxury. We use the concept of mass to define the ‘specific weight’ of the city. This refers to a social and economic basis for a viable city that can reinvent itself. At […]